Paul Petrone: Bold Answers to ‘Why Should I Hire You?”

Hiring guru Paul Petrone shares some great insights in his Aug. 28 post on LinkedIn, The 6 Boldest Answers to the Interview Question, ‘Why Should I Hire You?’ If you read nothing else today, take 5 minutes to read this great post. For an explanations of the responses, read the original post here. They’re pretty creative.

Bold Answers to ‘Why Should I Hire You?”Why Should I Hire You?

  1. Only the candidate could fix their customer service problems.
  2. The candidate used math against them, stating the company’s logic was flawed in hiring candidates with higher grades.
  3. The candidate used the interview as evidence that he should be hired, even though he didn’t have a degree and the other finalists did.
  4. The candidate needed a job.
  5. The candidate promised to start recruiting right away – for the job that he was interviewing for. Wait, what?!
  6. The candidate overcame ageism – Ronald Reagan.

Some of these candidates actually got the jobs they applied for. For more on their stories – and a video of #6 guaranteed to make you smile! – visit Petrone’s LinkedIn post.

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