Why Do People Leave Their Jobs? LinkedIn Knows.

6053464_xxlThe number one reason people change jobs is not for the money or because they don’t like their bosses. It’s for career advancement, according to a recent survey by LinkedIn of more than 10,000 people who recently changed jobs.

Here’s the breakdown of top reasons why people left their previous job:


Top Reasons






LinkedIn offered additional findings from the survey results, including these:

  1. Referrals are the top channel people use to discover their next job.
  2. The top obstacle for job candidates is not knowing what it is like to work at a particular organization.
  3. Small is the new big. People are flocking to smaller companies.
  4. One out of every three people who changed jobs changed careers entirely.
  5. The top three industries are tech, healthcare, and oil and energy.
  6. Younger generations want advancement and challenge, while older generations prefer the same industry.

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