Lou Adler: Use the BEST Personality Test to be a Better Interviewer

Consultant, trainer and author Lou Adler is not a fan of type indicators for employment pre-screening because they are flawed. Adler says they indicate preferences rather than competencies, which isn’t necessarily helpful when making hiring decisions. Instead, he prefers performance indicators to skills indicators.

That’s why Adler has developed the BEST Personality Test, a two-question “test” that will reveal your BEST personality style. While he doesn’t recommend it for pre-screening, he says the results are revealing and will hiring managers in selecting better employees.

B – Boss
E – Engager
S – Supporter
T – Technical

Adler describes how the BEST test works in this video. The video is about 9 1/2 minutes, but well worth the time.

While Adler does not feel the indicators are predictive, he says that hiring managers can learn the following from the BEST test:

  1. When interviewing candidates, you can increase objectivity by taking on the style that is least like you. Adler suggests that doing so will reduce hiring mistakes by as much as 50 to 75%.
  2. More mature candidates will tend to fall in the middle into a coaching position. This is the type of candidate you want.
  3. Less mature candidates, or those with traits that will be counterproductive, tend to intensify the negative aspects of their dominant style.

For additional insights into how to use the BEST personality test for hiring purposes, watch the YouTube video and read Adler’s LinkedIn article on the test. He offers a unique perspective that could improve your selection process.

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