Josh Connie: Top 20 Characteristics of a World Class Company Culture

Josh Connie: Top 20 Characteristics of a World Class CultureWhen searching for a new job, we often think of the position, title, job responsibilities, location, salary, and benefits. But there is another factor that should also be near the top of our “wish lists” when looking for that next job – a company culture that complements or aligns with our own values.

Many business experts have written about the importance of corporate culture, but what does that really mean? What attributes make up a great corporate culture? The answers are subjective and personal for each of us, but Josh Connie’s list of top 20 characteristics of a world class corporate culture is a great place to start.

  1. Pay people what they’re worth.
  2. Set clear expectations for teams and individuals.
  3. Provide feedback on how employees are performing in comparison to expectations.
  4. Offer a career path, so ambitious staff members have something to shoot for.
  5. Give people the framework in which to do their jobs, but also an appropriate level of autonomy and independence.
  6. Reward exceptional work with bonuses, recognition, and promotions.
  7. Educate employees on the challenges and competition the company faces.
  8. Ask staff for input on what the company can do to improve.
  9. Encourage employees to grow and develop their skills.
  10. Measure people based on how well they meet company values.
  11. Include an incentive-based component in addition to base salary.
  12. Consider penalizing staff financially if a change in behavior is needed.
  13. Hold staff accountability.
  14. Make time for socializing with staff outside of work to foster teamwork and show they are valuable as individuals.
  15. Identify dissent and negativity, and address them immediately.
  16. Encourage diversity in people, thinking and ideas.
  17. Help employees build confidence as well as competence.
  18. Make time for play at work, not just outside of it.
  19. Recognize employees internally and externally.
  20. Share your vision with your staff.

For a more detailed list, read Connie’s original article on LinkedIn.



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