Job Candidates: 3 Ways to Differentiate Yourself

bigstock-Female-medical-professional-in-17924369In a recent article in Fortune, author Terri McClements reminds us that resumés are just one tool employers use when selecting candidates to interview. In addition to your resumé, employers will do a Google search and look at your social media accounts, including your LinkedIn profile, Facebook posts and tweets. Your prospective employer may also contact references, look at your website, or ask for samples of your work.

In a sea of worthy candidates, how can you stand out from the crowd? Differentiate yourself. McClements offers three suggestions to make you don’t get overlooked:

  1. Show your flexibility. Employers need staff members who can adapt to their changing needs. That requires flexibility. Your resumé should show how you’ve been flexible in past positions. For example, maybe you were hired as a lab tech, but you excelled in that area and moved your way up to a managerial position. Flexibility can also be demonstrated in multi-tasking. Are you able to juggle multiple tasks and responsibilities? Explain that in your resumé.
  2. Highlight your collaborative skills. Employers want people who can work independently, but they also need high level managers, administrators and health care workers who work well in teams. In your resumé, be sure to include projects and teams you’ve worked on or led. This will demonstrate your leadership as well as your ability to work well with others.
  3. Describe the results. What kind of an impact have you had at previous organizations? Did you develop a new technique or protocol that is now an organizational standard? Were you part of a team that tackled a tough project that saved lives, time or money? Include those results in your resumé and be prepared to explain in more detail during an interview.

For more tips, see the original article here.


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