Traditional Interviewing vs. Behavior Based Interviewing

Long gone are the days where employers and human resources staff asked yes or no questions to confirm skills on your resume or CV. To be sure they hire qualified candidates with the right personality and drive for a given job, employers are using behavior based interviewing.

In behavior based interviewing, employers ask more probing questions designed to solicit detailed examples of your work. The questions are open-ended and will require you to share specific examples of how you performed in particular situation. This article on Careerealism does a great job of explaining the two types of interviewing styles.

According to Careerealism, there are two optimal ways for handling behavior based questions – the STAR method and the SOAR method. Click here to read more on these answering techniques.

While every job interview will be tailored to the specific company and position, understanding these techniques will help you prepare for your next interview. Good luck!



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