How Much Does Your Dream Job Pay?

Find out what your dream healthcare job pays with a salary calculator.When looking for a new CEO or COO job in the healthcare industry, you’ll want to have an idea what that type of position will pay in your ideal location.

If you already hold a C suite job, you know what you make now and probably have an idea what you believe your services are worth. To see if you are on track, try a Salary Calculator site to gather more data for your job search and healthcare job negotiations. is a site with a salary calculator feature. You’ll be asked to input the job title and desired city. The search results will return any positions in that area (e.g., New York, Seattle, Chicago) with that title. Keep in mind that searches for CEO will yield results for a host of industries, so you will have to try different search terms to yield the desired results.

To get the broadest range of information for CEO, for example, search under CEO and Chief Executive Officer, but expand to include job titles like hospital administrator, COO, Chief Operating Officer, etc. In addition to the high, low and median salaries for your desired position, you’re likely to get a host of related ads for available jobs.

Other salary calculator sites to check out include:

Keep in mind that this information is strictly a guide to give you an idea of the range of salaries you might expect to earn for a particular healthcare position like chief medical officer, pharmacist or registered nurse in a particular part of the United States.





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